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Cookie Time

Jacob Rosiles, Staff Writer

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Girl scouts are the center of attention as they sell their very popular cookies at every open space during the season for fundraiser money to help them.
Many people are lining up just to buy Girl Scout cookies before they run out. The cookies are so popular that people spend a big amount of money on cookies alone. One of the most popular kinds of cookies that the girl scouts sell is Thin Mints and they sell out real quick.
The Girl scouts in the school always get approached by a wondering student that is craving some kind of cookies that they sell. The cookies that they sell are only sold once a year so when they do sell them they always get many customers that are interested.
“I was looking all over school so I could just buy Thin Mints from a Girl Scout” said Dylan Wyly.
Girl Scouts isn’t just about selling cookies of course, the organization is well known for how respectful and generous they are to others. They also participate in many other events that benefit others and fundraisers.
Girl Scouts is a good organization to teach you about life skills and to separate what is right and wrong. And the life skills are something that will always stay with you everywhere you go and through everything you do. These are life lessons that are important to life.
Some Girl Scouts have told me that they run out of cookies real quick that when people ask for more they have to tell them to wait till later. This is such a good way to raise money for the organization and it seems to never fail. They have also told me that it’s fun to sell cookies at this time of the year. Girl Scouts is more important than people think it is because they help the community more than we know.

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Cookie Time