Lubbock High gets taken over by Mamma Mia


Lubbock High’s Theater is putting on their dancing shoes, as they get ready for their production of Mamma Mia. I sat down with some of the cast and crew to see what this production was like.

“I hope they walk away dancing in the aisles with us.” Lubbock High theater teacher, Zachery Kocurek said. “The musical and the movie are a little bit different, so, I think when the audience comes in they’re going to be taken aback a little at first, but it’ll be a really great treat for them.”

“I play Sophie, and Sophie’s kind of like, she’s one of the main characters in the musical, and she’s a fun-loving twenty year-old, who falls in love and wants to get married,” said senior, Sydney Mora, “and she goes through all of the different stages of getting married and the emotions she feels, and takes the audience on that journey with her.”

“For the people who have grown up with this movie and with the soundtrack and loved it, I just want them to have a great time and sing along, and have as much fun with it as we did rehearsing it.” said sophomore, Macy Chambers who plays Tanya, “ It’s a really special show, and a really special production, because it’s about finding yourself and who you are.”

“We have made sure that a list, a schedule, of what we need to get done,” said stage manager, Delaney Stallings, “and so I have a graph that tells me when we need to get things done, the dates and when it’s coming up, and I can say if it’s upcoming or complete and keep the directors updated and everything organized.”

“My character is very confident in the way he walks,” said junior, Noah Santos, who play  Pepper, “ and what he does is he hits on somebody who looks young, even though she’s technically a forty year-old.”

“I hope that the audience is taken on the journey with Sophie and Donna throughout the whole musical, and just leave appreciating life itself.” Mora said.

“If I were to take anything away from this, I think I would like to build the confidence of the character I’m playing.” Santos said.

With its catchy tunes and entertaining characters, Mamma Mia, is surely to be a show you’ll never forget.