Westerner World top ten songs about love


Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and with the big day chomping at our ankles, we need the right tunes to feel the love to. Westerner World staff would like to share the love and their favorite love songs with Y-O-U!

Aiden’s Pick- VCR– The XX, the lyrics are very nice and remind me of my significant other.

Emily’s Pick- Please Never Fall in Love Again – Ollie MN, I would hate someone if they stole my Shrek DVDs and broke my heart.

Izayah’s Pick- Dreaming of You by Selena, this song always reminds me of my mom and your mother will always be your valentine

Emma’s Pick – Lo Que Siento by Cuco. I’ve watched Cuco explain the meaning and lyrics of this song and it’s just a really sweet and passionate song for the girl he loves.

Cassie’s Pick- Dazed and Confused by Ruel. In this song, he explains how his love for this girl makes him feel “Dazed and Confused” because their love is so strong.

Madelyn’s Pick – See You Again by Tyler, the Creator. I’ve heard this song live and I just have a very emotional connection to it.

Meredith’s Pick- Puppy Love by Paul Anka. It’s a classic, and who doesn’t love 50’s music.

Mrs. Henson’s Pick- Can’t Help Falling In Love by Elvis Presley. My husband and I danced to this at our wedding. His voice is beautiful and it’s such a good love song.

Julian’s pick – Millionaire by Chris Stapleton it’s not a fast song and it’s very calm and pleasing to listen to.

Joe’s Pick- Bizzare Love Triangle by New Order. This song is the very definition of what it’s like to get caught in a spiral of love, hate, sadness, and confusion. I heard this song a long time ago and ever since then it always made me feel some type of way.