AP Studies

With many students taking part in the AP testing this year, some may be wondering how they can get extra help with their studies. 

There are many different online and physical resources which are available to students. The AP classroom which holds all of your courses has multiple practice tests and assignments for each class and subject. Those can be used to practice specific units of a class you may be a little worried about for more general review. AP classroom is great because it has the questions which you will most likely see on the real test. That can help you prepare properly for what you’ll face at the end of the year. 

Khan academy is another awesome resource. It has videos and accompanying multiple choice questions for you to complete and go through the units and topics of a class in whatever order is comfortable to you. The videos alone are great ways to supplement your in class learning and he,p you improve at many different topics.

Many schools and local colleges hold tutoring sessions which are available to anyone. If you prefer a more human touch to your studying, you can take advantage of the local opportunity and either for free or a low rate, you can get tutoring which is catered to you. 

There are many old tests which get released every year and it may be beneficial to look over those and make sure you understand how the test will feel on the big day. If you practice with some mock exams and assignments, you’ll have your test’s topic nailed when it comes to the May testing dates.