Ms. Haveman: assistant principal spotlight

Lubbock High’s very own assistant principal, Allyson  Haveman, is seen as one of the most intimidating staff members. Behind every look is a story, and the story behind this one is probably one you never would have thought of. We at the Westerner World staff decided to crack open the Haveman story, and find out why she keeps such an intense look around the school.

“A long time ago I had my four front teeth knocked out of my mouth while I was rabbit hunting in a Jeep.”  Haveman said, “I was running without my teeth for about 2 weeks until they could make my replacement teeth, so it’s a habit that I haven’t broken yet, but I will try to smile a little more sometimes.”

 Haveman keeps habits unlike what students would expect. She meets her step goal every morning to help maintain a healthy fitness-and the strength she uses to keep the peace at school.

“I workout a minimum of five days a week,” Haveman said. “ I get up at 4:30 every morning, and I take my dogs for a two mile walk, then I either run or lift weights after that. In the evenings, I do a yoga class called, Hot Works, to work on my body weight.”

Haveman isn’t just a principal, and every teacher or staff member has a life outside of the school; she’s a normal person, and she really loves working with the students at LHS.

“After school I take off my principal hat and put my regular person hat on,” Haveman said. “ I don’t like to talk about after school stuff; I like being a principal, because it means that I get to work with you guys, and I love working with you guys even though y’all think otherwise.” 

Freshmen have the rest of their high school years to get to know Haveman, because she doesn’t plan on giving up being a principal any time soon.

”I’m still doing this. I could’ve retired a long time ago, and I’m still doing it, because I like it a lot.” Haveman said, “I’ve been doing this for 33 years now, and I don’t plan on retiring anytime soon. So, these students are just going to have to put up with me for a few more years.”