LHS holds mock vote tradition for the 2020 presidential election


It is about Election time, and most students are not old enough yet to cast an actual ballot, which means the students of Lubbock High school were given the chance to participate in the quadrennial festival of mock voting.

The voting took place in the auditorium this year on Sept. 22, where students came down from their history classes with their teachers to take a few minutes to “cast their ballot” for the new president of the United States.

Many of our students enjoyed this because it gave them an opportunity to be very open-minded, and they got to speak out on why they believe it is important for the students of Lubbock High to have this opportunity.

“I believe it is super important to have these mock elections, because it allows for students to have a voice, and it allows us to see what our values are and what our generation thinks about,” said senior Macy Chambers. “I also find it interesting how many people are willing to share their votes.”

Macy, and others like her including Kaileigh Trevino, Mark Herrera, Lauren Flores, all three juniors at Lubbock High, also said that when they are old enough they will cast a real ballot.

The teachers of Lubbock High are encouraged to teach their students more about elections through the constitution, and how elections work. This is why they also had the opportunity to speak out on what they thought about this.

“I feel it is my duty to prepare my students for the future,” said European history teacher Mrs. Estrada. She also very much agrees with letting students have their own opinions and voices, Mrs. Estrada said she will also be voting this year.

Although this year has been full of nothing but challenges so far. All things come with some fun. Therefore, we will continue doing this mock election, every four years, for the students and teachers of Lubbock high school who loved to see their peers participate and be a part of this amazing opportunity.