Halloween Stress Ball DIY


Supplies Needed: 1 l.b All-Purpose Flour, an empty water bottle, a balloon, a sheet of paper, and a permanent marker.









Step One: Take the white piece of paper and create a cone shape and place it in the empty water bottle, this will help you filter the flour into the water bottle. Then pour the flour through the cone filter.











Step Two: When you are finished putting as much flour as you choose, blow the balloon of your choice up and twist it a couple of times, just until you can fit the tip of the balloon on the water bottle.










Step Three: Once you have the tip of the balloon on the water bottle flip it upside down and squeeze the water bottle until it is filled with flour to your desire.










Step Four: Then let all the excess air out of the balloon and tie it.










Step Five: Then use your marker to draw a face or decorate it however you please. Now you’re done! It’s a super easy and simple process for such a cute and handy toy for spooky season!