Westerner volleyball combines skills, teamwork and friendship


Matthew Leesman, Lubbock High School’s varsity volleyball coach, opens up about the volleyball season.

“There is a lot of huge potential, huge upside with the kids,” Leesman said, “I think the key is to try to make practice worth while.”

The girls on the team are very close. “They have been together since sixth grade, the majority of them,” Leesman said. They know what it’s like to win together, but also to lose together.

“There’s a definite top level and I think we were competing in the middle” Leesman said. The varsity girls team has not had the results everyone is looking for this season, but don’t worry, Leesman has a strategy he thinks will help his girls achieve the results everyone is looking for.

“The more we maintain a pace of play in practice [while having a little fun] doesn’t hurt” said Leesman.

He hopes to make practice better by encouraging a more positive attitude, along with all the skills needed to succeed in a game.

“Serving and passing is key to playing. When those things falter you struggle… because we can’t catch a ball in this sport,” Leesman said.

Leesman also wants to achieve the goal of being more positive in games as well. “ If we’re happy then we play well” said Leesman.

There has been some struggles throughout the season this year, along with learning moments for both the team and Leesman, but the season so far is not going to change the way he views the girls talents.

“I’m real  proud of them,” Leesman said, “real proud of the things we have accomplished in the last few years.”