Westerners kickoff 63rd annual spurs game

The annual “Spurs Game” is returning this week, but few students know about the event and what it represents. 

The tradition started in 1956 when Monterey was built in opposition of Lubbock High. A wager was set for a football game. Whichever school’s team won, Westerners or Plainsmen, would take possession of a pair of silver spurs. After Monterey won the game, Lubbock High wanted a rematch, thus ‘spurring’ on the rivalry and the official Spurs Game event.

 In recent times, the silver spurs have been in possession of Monterey. Lubbock High having not won them back as of yet. Jeremy Maxfield, the varsity offensive line coach has been at Lubbock High for thirteen years and hopes Westerners win them back this year for good.

“That was 2009.” Maxfield said, when asked about the last time the Westerners won the Spurs game. He’s enthusiastic about how the westerners will do this year.

 “I think they have all the potential as long as they continue to play together” Maxfield said.

The game will be held on Friday, November 8 at PlainsCapital Park.