Original Teacher

In the classroom with Coach Estrada

U.S History teacher, Isidra Estrada, has a crazy first impression on her students. But throughout the school year, you’ll find that she is a fun, loving and caring teacher.

“I’ve been teaching for six years. This is my fourth year teaching at LHS, previous to that was two years teaching at the Juvenile Correction Facility,” Coach Estrada said.

“My college professors got me into education. I wanted to be in the Olympics and play soccer, but I chose history because music, social, money, government relates to everything. So everyone has an idea from where we are coming from,” Coach Estrada said.

She is passionate about her students and loves to hear things that are happening in their life.

“I guess it doesn’t cross my mind that I’m just myself and I try to be the best version of myself. Consistent, honest and straightforward, because that’s what I would like to expect back. If you can’t apply something then what’s the point of learning it, what’s the point of having something if you can’t use it,” Coach Estrada said.

She believes that her students have the potential to change the world and that they’re capable of changing their situations.

“It’s my name on the door and in those minutes, I’m going to give them everything that I have so that when they leave my room the world won’t take them for granted,” Estrada said. Whenever students go to her classroom, she teaches from the bottom of her heart.   

Besides teaching the curriculum, she helps her students with advice and leaves a lasting impression on them.

“Coach Estrada is original, she is not like any other teacher, she gives us our education that we need and if she thinks that there’s something wrong with us she will take time out [of] her class and talk to us because she actually cares about her students and she always comes into class with a positive attitude,” former student, Elijah Lucero said.

Coach Estrada is passionate about her students and the school, and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

“I always have a choice and I choose to come to Lubbock High, I dig it,” Coach Estrada said.