Stop stressing SATs

Stop stressing SATs

The SAT is a national test taken in the United States and certain other countries in the world. Students struggle to prepare for the test each year as a junior and senior each year, which brings them stress. However, certain activities and foods can help any person perform well on their SAT test.

Oily fish, Eggs, Dark Leafy Greens, and Fresh Fruit are perfect for SAT preparation. Oily fish contain protein and omega 3 which is perfect for the brain to function. Not only that, Eggs and Dark Leafy Greens both contain a vitamin called B12 which also boost the functionality of the brain. Finally, fruits contain natural sugar and antioxidants. Natural sugars and antioxidants both boost some oneĀ“s energy and are healthy for the body.

The night before is the least important, but probably the most beneficial. In order to get a good night sleep listen to calm music, slow your breathing, and take a warm bath. Listening to calm music while laying down can mentally calm you down causing you to become relaxed and sleepy. Not only that, the number one solution to not following asleep is the breathing rate. Slowing and regulating your breathing will slow down the heart and you will become tired. Also, taking a warm or hot bath can relieve muscle tension and let the body loosen itself, allowing for a relaxing and faster sleep.

Studying for the SAT is more stressful than any other preparation in this list. The best ways to study for the SAT are to determine the target score, determine how long you need to study, and analyze and focus on your weakest points. The benefits of setting a target score is it will motivate and inform your studying. The most basic breakdown of how long to study for is 10 hours for 0-30 points improvement, 20 hours for 30-70 points, 40 hours for 70-130 points, etc. Focusing on weak points will benefit by raising the knowledge of that subject while having strengths as well.

Preparing for the SAT is stressful. However, following the steps, eating the right foods, and relieving stress by doing the things above, can benefit anyone trying to score higher. Good luck.