LHS’s super new tradition


Maya Leisure, a sophomore at Lubbock High, captured this stunning photo of the Pom Squad at the Homecoming Parade

People lined the streets surrounding Chapman field Wednesday evening, hoping to catch a glimpse of, or rather, a piece of candy from the students of various Lubbock High Organizations who waved and smiled to the crowds in the first Homecoming Parade hosted by the Lubbock High Westerners Football Booster Club.

The parade was celebrated by many LHS students and their organizations, including the LHS Band, Orchestra, Westerner Football Team, Baseball Team, Pom Squad,Yearbook, and Journalism. All of which were featured in the parade themselves.

Many of the different superhero-themed floats threw candy or advertisements for their group, hoping to gain attention for their product, whether that be the newspaper, yearbook, or the next game.

While many came out to see the parade, Lubbock High is hoping to have more people come out next year, because it’s a new tradition Lubbock High hopes will last for years to come.