Lubbock High climate strike

A small committee trying for a big change

     Friday, Sept. 13, students at Lubbock High and all across the nation took part in a Climate Strike. The Lubbock High Climate Committee organized the strike and expressed their knowledge, concerns and ideas regarding the Earth’s increase in climate change. 

     “The whole purpose of the protest was to raise awareness among students that our environment is in danger and needs help,” Climate Committee member, Noura Shoukfeh said. “From what I heard, when people came out, they had a much better understanding of why we were doing this protest and what is occuring in our climate right now.” 

    The students that participated now have more knowledge of the ongoing climate issues that our planet is facing. It helped more students escape their denial about climate change. 

     “It’s more of a lesson for the older generation” Climate Committee member, Vaidehi Patel said. “If the kids are missing class and taking time out of their day, it’s something serious.” 

Patel believes students need to start speaking up about the things they are passionate about to the adults who listen to them the most: their parents and teachers. 

     “So the biggest thing we can do is talk to our parents about this problem that we’re facing in our future” Climate Committee member, Hairuo Yi said. “Encourage them to vote for a representative that doesn’t take money from big corporations that produce so many bad things for consumers.” 

     Collectively, the group believes even though big corporations are largely at fault when it comes to climate change, young people like us high schoolers can contribute individually to help save our planet. 

     “While it was just one strike, when you think about it on a large scale, thousands of schools all around the world stood together in solidarity for something they believe in, and that’s powerful” Fawwaz Shoukfeh said. “It takes one person for change to begin and I believe that here, starting at Lubbock High in West Texas, the students that participated in the strike sort of started that change.”