Robotics Update

I asked Derek Zhou, a junior, about what was going on with robotics this school year. 

He said due to the pandemic, all challenges are online and they only send scores in. This is a huge change from the larged bustling mets of previous years.

Derek’s favorite part about robotics has been stripped away due to safety changes. “The environment [and] everyone working around and talking and playing music is really nice.” This environment has now shifted to working individually and through a computer screen.

He also enjoys the design process for the new game each year which keeps the contenders on their toes. 

One of the biggest parts of robotics is the meets, and this is completely impossible to do these days and they may go a whole year without competing in person. 

As with most things during the 2020-2021 school year, drastic changes must be made to account for the new dangers and hazards of the modern world. Robotics is just another thing on the list of altered events, luckily we are all making it work regardless just with a new light and responsibility.