Unique Snow Activities

Recently Lubbock Texas was hit with one of its biggest snowstorms in recent years, which incited the town’s first “virtual snow day”. I discovered one of my new favorite snow day traditions, you could say it’s an upgrade to ol’ Mr.Frosty. Here are my top five snowy activities which are sure to get you outside and in the cold. 


  1. Building an Igloo

A step up from the traditional. This construction project can easily take up a whole day and is worth every second. Igloos are effective at insulation and can be a chill out spot or a place to warm up outside. After a little bit of troubleshooting with construction techniques, you can effectively build an igloo which can last long after the surrounding snow has melted. 


       2. Snowboarding

While not the easiest or most accessible thing in Lubbock, this is one of the greatest snow activities for seeing the outdoors and getting an adrenaline rush. Whether you find a perfect line down a slope or fall repeatedly on your behind, it’s all worth it. Snowboarding gets you out into some beautiful locales surrounded by immense trees and mountains among friends and family.


       3. Sledding

A bit easier to do in your backyard than snowboarding, but almost just as fun. I’ve always enjoyed trying to construct a snow jump and get some air time on the sled. This combines snow-masonry and exhilarating, high octane, sled action.  


       4. Snowball Fight!

If you have some willing family or friends, snowball fights are the ultimate tests of endurance, stamina, and snow pelting prowess. Building a small fort or base can increase your survivability and defend you from the incoming onslaught. Snowball fights are great during certain snow conditions, if it’s too powdery, you won’t be able to pack the snow down enough, if it’s too hard or wet, you might just end up throwing wet ice balls at your friends. So under the right circumstances, this is one of the best ways to bring combat sports into your front yard. 


        5. Just Take a Walk and Enjoy the Scenery

Snow is rare down here so we need to take advantage of it. After all of your other activities have played out, just immersing yourself in the atmosphere granted by perfect snow coverage can create lasting memories. Seeing the trees and houses piled high with fresh powder is a sight to behold and something I look forward to every year.